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Digital 5.0 - Evolve

TAMC Digital 5.0


Thriving in the new normal

We know that your business relies on a product and is built on principles that have allowed it to survive to the present. But sometimes, that legacy can be more of a burden than an asset, especially post-pandemic as we operate under the new normal of hyper-connectivity and super-personalization.

Industry recommendation is to get out from under your legacy system at the earliest as most marketers feel that legacy systems are already hamstringing customer experience efforts.

Our engagement approach ensures that your transition be driven by innovation, with pre-defined returns on investment and all foreseeable risks addressed.

Do not let the story of your business end with a failure to change.

TAMC Digital 5.0



Change is the only constant

People are one of the pillars of all business. The overriding concern for most of our clients considering a digital push is employee adoption and how it will impact the company’s culture and organizational structure.

We use war-gaming frameworks to identify your key business or market differentiators. We leverage on a variety of industry standard organizational change management frameworks to work on individual differentiating team, department on an agile manner.

TAMC Digital 5.0


The future of store-front

Do your customers jump from channel to channel when making a purchase?

If conventionally you have depended on in-person sales or physical store-front, this would have changed a lot for you due to COVID19.

Our clients today are increasingly providing multiple sales channels while simultaneously building their support into a one-stop-shop that enables fluid customer service from all touchpoints.

Our approach is to help you identify the omni-channel dependency in the customer journeys of your individual products and help take bold and progressive steps forward.

We also provide advisory services in identifying the optimal social channels, payment, api, trading and other transaction, financial system integrations.

Device / Thing Strategy

Decision at Edge

Automation Strategy

Platform / Partner Assist

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