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TAMC Mission Statement

The COEC is designed to help employees recognize and deal with ethical issues in their work. TAMC’s policy is to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, to be committed to conducting business in an ethical manner and to act with integrity in dealing with our customers, suppliers, partners, competitors, employees and other stakeholders.

The COEC is a guide to help whenever one may have questions about ethics or if one is faced with an ethical dilemma. COEC may not address all the situations which one may encounter and sometimes, because of the highly complex rules and regulations that govern our business, one may need additional help. In these situations, consult the management team of TAMC.

  1. Always act in a professional, honest, and ethical manner when acting on behalf of the AM Company.

  2. Be familiar with the information contained in the COEC and policies and pay particular attention to the policies that pertain to one’s job responsibilities.

  3. Complete all required trainings in a timely manner and keep up-to-date on current standards and expectations.

  4. Promptly report concerns about possible violations of laws, regulations or the COEC to the AM Company Management.

  5. Cooperate and tell the whole truth when responding to an investigation or audit and never alter or destroy records in response to an investigation, or when an investigation is anticipated.


Customer relations

Customers purchase our services and products because they trust them. They trust the quality of our services and products, they trust their value, and they trust that we will stand behind what we sell and deliver. We must preserve that trust.

TAMC has a fundamental responsibility to ensure that customers have faith in the quality of our services and products. It is the primary responsibility of every employee to make sure that our services and products are consistently of the highest quality.

  • Each of us must ensure that we follow our rigorous product safety and quality standards.

  • Any concerns about product safety or quality must be immediately reported. It is the job of every partner and employee to make sure that consumers get what they expect—and pay for.

  • Do not create misleading impressions in any advertising, marketing, sales materials or presentations.

  • Do not make false or illegal claims about competitors or their services and products.

  • Promise what one can deliver and deliver on what one promises.

  • If one is at a leadership position at the AM company or partners, one has an obligation to monitor the quality of our supply chain to ensure that the products we sell meet all external safety, quality, and environment standards, as well as our own high standards.

Protecting customer information

During the course of our business operations, we often have access to personal information related to customers and others. While protecting this information may now be a legal requirement, for us at TAMC, data privacy has always been a matter of trust and respect for others..

We respect the personal information of our customers and others. Protecting their privacy is very important to us.

  • Protect the confidentiality of personal information of current and former customers, as well as job applicants, business partners and customers.

  • Access and use personal information solely for legitimate business purposes and only if one has a need to know.

  • Return or destroy personal information that is no longer required by one for business reasons in accordance with our document retention policies.

  • When sending personal information across borders or to third parties, make sure that such transmissions are for legitimate business reasons and that they comply with local law. Also ensure that the recipient will safeguard the information.

  • Sensitive personal information, such as NRICs, Passport Number, medical records, credit card and bank account numbers require special handling based on local law.

  • Do not forward customer or other business information and documents to personal email IDs (such as Gmail or Hotmail).

  • Do not use public file hosting services (such as Dropbox, SkyDrive, iCloud, Amazon Cloud Drive) to backup customer or other business information and documents.

Government contracting

TAMC’s policy is to comply fully with all laws and regulations that apply to government contracting and transactions. It is also necessary to strictly adhere to all terms and conditions of any contract with central, local, state, federal, foreign or other applicable governments.

Gifts, entertainment & business courtesies

In many industries and countries, gifts and entertainment are used as a standard to strengthen business relationships. While this area of concern can be complicated, for TAMC associates and partners, one principle is always clear: we do not accept or provide gifts, favours, or entertainment if the intent is to influence a business decision.

Employees and agents acting on TAMC’s behalf must never offer a gift of any kind to anyone doing business with TAMC or seeking to do business with TAMC. Standard corporate gifts with the TAMC logo can be offered as an acceptable business practice to private customers provided the same is compliant with the recipients’ organization gift policies. In such cases, the gift must be sourced with eco-friendly means.

Charitable contributions or donations are permitted only to registered charitable organizations as per internal guidelines and processes.

Partner selection

TAMC’s partners make significant contributions to our success. To create an environment where our partners have an incentive to work with TAMC, they must be confident that they will be treated lawfully and in an ethical manner.

Our policy is to select partners and make purchases based on need, quality, service, price and other terms and conditions. We select significant partners through a competitive bid process where all partner relationships are conducted by way of appropriate written contracts.

We believe in doing business with suppliers and business partners who embrace and demonstrate high standards of ethical business behaviour and who share our commitment to environmentally sustainable practices and human rights. TAMC will not establish a business relationship with any partner if its business practices violate local laws and does not comply with our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Conflicts of interest

A conflict of interest occurs whenever one has a competing interest that may interfere with their ability to make an objective decision for TAMC. Personal involvement including financial interests or dealings with competitors, clients, managers, subordinate employees or peers of TAMC that has the potential to affect the employee’s ability to exercise good judgment for TAMC creates an actual or potential conflict of interest.

A conflict of interest can also occur on account of situations that could create a risk or influence in the professional judgement or decision of an individual, where the primary interest of the organisation and the individual’s role as an employee is inadvertently prejudiced by another conflicting interest.

The conflicting interest need not necessarily be limited to mean financial gains and could include personal benefits like professional advancement or favours for colleagues. Each of us is expected to use good judgment and avoid situations that can lead to even the appearance of a conflict. Conflicts of interest can undermine the trust others place in us and damage our reputation.

Confidential information

One of our most valuable assets is information. Information that is not generally disclosed and could be helpful to TAMC or would be to competitors must be protected. The unauthorized release of confidential information can cause TAMC to lose a critical competitive advantage, embarrass the AM Company, and damage our relationships with customers and others. For these reasons, confidential information must be accessed, stored, and transmitted in a manner consistent with TAMC’s policies and procedures.

  • Never accept information offered by a third party (e.g., competitor information during request for information or RFI stage) that is represented as confidential, or which appears from the context or circumstances to be confidential, unless an appropriate non-disclosure/ confidentiality agreement has been signed with the party offering the information.

  • The AM Company management can provide non-disclosure agreements to fit any particular situation.

  • Obtain competitive information only through legal and ethical means, never through misrepresentation.

  • Never contact competitors to seek their confidential information.

  • Respect the obligations of others to keep competitive information known to them as confidential.

  • Do not induce or receive confidential information of other companies.

  • Make sure that third parties acting on our behalf live up to our standards of confidentiality.

Competitive / business intelligence

Information about competitors is a valuable asset in the highly competitive markets in which TAMC operates. When collecting competitive intelligence, TAMC employees and others who are working on our behalf, must always live up to TAMC standard of zero compromise. We must never engage in fraud, misrepresentation or deception to obtain information. Nor should we use invasive technology to “spy” on others. Care should be taken when accepting information from third parties. One should know and trust their sources and be sure that the knowledge they provide is not protected by trade-secret laws, or non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements.

  • Never accept information offered by a third party (e.g., competitor information during request for information or RFI stage) that is represented as confidential, or which appears from the context or circumstances to be confidential, unless an appropriate non-disclosure/ confidentiality agreement has been signed with the party offering the information.

  • The AM Company management can provide non-disclosure agreements to fit any particular situation.

  • Obtain competitive information only through legal and ethical means, never through misrepresentation.

  • Never contact competitors to seek their confidential information.

  • Respect the obligations of others to keep competitive information known to them as confidential.

  • Do not induce or receive confidential information of other companies.

  • Make sure that third parties acting on our behalf live up to our standards of confidentiality.

Protecting personal information and the privacy of employees and partners

In recent years, individuals, companies and governments have grown increasingly concerned about the privacy and security of personal information. In many countries and cultures around the world, people have deeply held beliefs on the topic and as a result, laws protecting the privacy of personal information and how it may be collected, shared and used are becoming more common.

TAMC is committed to collecting, handling and protecting personal information in line with applicable data privacy legislations and regulations across the globe. We have a responsibility to protect the confidential and personal information of our fellow associates and partners.​

Safeguarding & Reusing company assets

To best serve our environment, shareholders and communities, we all have a responsibility to use TAMC’s assets and resources wisely and with care. All employees are responsible for using good judgment to safeguard the tangible and intangible assets of the AM Company, and to ensure that our assets are not misused, damaged, lost, stolen or wasted.

The AM Company assets include TAMC’s physical facilities, property and equipment, electronic communication devices, intellectual property, confidential information, files and documents, as well as inventory, computer networks, and supplies.

All assets are to be recycled in the most eco-friendly way, with minimal impact to additional Carbon imprint. Any end-of-life disposal must be recorded with carbon dioxide equivalent.

Anti-trust and fair competition

We believe in free and open competition and we never engage in improper practices that may limit competition through illegal and unfair means. We do not enter into agreements with competitors to engage in any anticompetitive behaviour, including setting prices or dividing up customers, suppliers or markets.


TAMC conducts its business free from the influence of corruption and bribery. Employees and business partners are expected to be aware of and follow all anti-corruption and anti-bribery laws everywhere we do business (including the Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission (Amendment) Act or “MACC”, India Prevention of Corruption Act 1988 or “PCA”, US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act or “FCPA”, the UK Bribery Act). Employees must be careful to avoid even the appearance of offering or accepting an improper payment, bribe or kickback.

Anti-money laundering

Anti-money laundering refers to a set of laws, regulations, and procedures intended to prevent criminals from disguising illegally obtained funds as legitimate income. Anti-money-laundering laws and regulations target criminal activities including market manipulation, trade in illegal goods, corruption of public funds, and tax evasion, as well as the methods that are used to conceal these crimes and the money derived from them. TAMC is committed to complying with all anti-money laundering laws and regulations around the world, as applicable to TAMC.

Global trade

Many laws govern the conduct of trade across borders, including laws that are designed to ensure that transactions are not being used for money laundering, others that prohibit companies from illegal trade boycotts, as well as laws regulating exports. We are committed to complying with all such laws that are applicable in the countries in which we operate. Each of us is responsible for knowing the laws that apply to our jobs and seeking expert advice if in doubt about the legality of an action.

  • Maintain appropriate import, export and customs records at each TAMC business location.

  • Seek guidance from the AM Company management to ensure that shipments of information, products goods, software or technology across borders comply with laws governing imports and exports.

  • To help prevent and detect money laundering and terrorist financing, watch for any suspicious payments, which may include cash or the equivalent (where cheques/checks or wire-transfers are the norms); payments made from personal accounts instead of business accounts.

  • Carry out a screening to ensure that we do not do business with sanctioned persons, groups or entities that are identified on government restricted party lists.

  • Always consult the AM Company Management before initiating business in a country new to TAMC.

Human rights

TAMC prohibits any act of human trafficking, slavery, servitude, and forced or compulsory labour throughout the organization, its business and its supply chain.

We support fundamental human rights for all people. We will live up to and champion a commitment to human rights among our employees, business partners and suppliers, and comply with the applicable laws in every country in which we operate.


Child labour

TAMC will not use, nor do we support others who use child labour. We also recognize that this evil cannot be eradicated by simply setting up rules or inspections.

The AM Company supports the use of legitimate workplace apprenticeships, internships and other similar programmes that comply with all laws and regulations applicable to such programmes.

Freedom of association

TAMC respects the right of employees to exercise their lawful right of free association and we recognize the rights of our employees to choose or not choose to be represented by trade unions.

Abolition of Forced Labour

TAMC prohibits forced or compulsory labour including prison or bonded labour. We will not tolerate physical punishment or abuse and we are committed to ensuring that employees enter employment and stay on in TAMC out of their own free will.

Diversity and non-discrimination

TAMC is an equal opportunity employer. We firmly believe that a talented and diverse eco-system is a key competitive advantage. We focus on meritocracy and do not engage in or support discrimination in hiring, compensation, access to training, promotion, termination or retirement based on ethnic and national origin, race, caste, religion, disability, age, gender, creed, marital status, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, political orientation, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

  • Treat others with respect.

  • Co-operate with any measures introduced to develop equal opportunities.

  • Never act in a way which is contrary to the letter or spirit of this policy.

  • Build and nurture an inclusive mind set while working with colleagues from diverse backgrounds.

  • Constantly challenge our beliefs, become self- aware, accept and eliminate biases based on our preconceived notions.

  • Do not encourage derogatory comments or remarks based on the identity of a person.

Safe and healthy work environment

TAMC promotes people well-being as a strategic value and fundamental component of its success, and we define well-being as more than what is traditionally thought of as occupational health and safety.

Sustainability and responsible planetary citizenship

Our foundation is based on Environment, Community and Governance. TAMC strives for environmental sustainability and complies with all environmental laws, regulations and standards. We engage in a way that is environmentally responsible. Our focus our efforts to minimize negative environmental impacts include waste reduction, materials recycling and improving our energy efficiency in the communities where we live and work. We demonstrate our commitment toward the environment, and we follow ISO 14001 guidelines. With partners being an integral part of our business, we expect them to also comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. TAMC recognizes that corporations are planetary citizens and that their objectives have to be congruent with society’s goals. We therefore understand that it is our responsibility as a global citizen to assess the socio-ecological impact of its business activities, and to mitigate and improve this impact, while simultaneously remaining committed to inclusive economic development.

Our environmental stewardship and leadership in Corporate Citizenship are an integral part of our “Vision Statement”. We are committed to contribute Carbon Net Zero to our clients and partners by 2035.

To accomplish this, we will expect our partners and employees to comply with the following:

  1. Engage with integrity: Exercise good governance to achieve the highest levels of transparency and propriety.

  2. Ecological sustainability: Conserve energy and water, manage waste and enhance biodiversity through a multi-stakeholder approach.

  3. Social and community initiatives: Work to bring about systemic reform in education and contribute to the community and the environment where we operate.

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