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Melting Process Automation

As a globally active company, our partners are continuously developing solutions for industry.

We offer innovative Automation Solutions to improve the furnace operation, save energy and real-time monitoring of plant and ancillaries.

  • Complete Automatic operation to keep furnace at optimum power considering other plant loads, auxiliaries.

  • Total power drawn is maintained below the sanctioned load of the entire plant.

  • Time based Automatic Furnace Sintering cycle as per customer application need.

  • Slow start up and shut down preset cycle to match furnace operating on DG sets or captive power.
    Instant KVA controller

  • Improved load factor and hence full utilisation of sanctioned load. Improved productivity.

  • Display of Electrical parameters ,data logging and storage with SCADA

  • Load manager monitors the power requirement during melt cycle and switches capacitor automatically

  • Continuous display of cooling water temperature, pressure and other parameters.

  • 24 x 7 unmanned operation and data logging

  • Optional Load cell monitors the weight of charge /liquid metal

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