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Green Steel Supply Chain

Our Partners have developed a range of products and technology in Industrial Heating & Power Supply targeted to  Steel Manufacturing and other Metal Extraction and Alloy Manufacturing Industries.


The AM Company is happy to collaborate with these Industry leaders across APEC and ABAC economies.

  • Induction Melting Furnaces For Steel Plants

  • Induction Melting And Holding For Foundries

  • Solid State Power Supplies For Induction Melting And Heating.

  • Green Steel Automation

  • JIS G 3141 (SPC) Grade Cold Roll Steel Coils

  • Heavy Metal Scrap 1, 2

  • Grade 300, 350 Universal / H / I structural beams

  • Mild Steel Billets

  • Class C, F Fly Ash

  • Foundry Consumables

Green Steel
TAMC Heavy Metal Scrap
TAMC Carbon Mild Green Steel Billets.jpg

New Products launched 2020

Learn More about Continuos Casting

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